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What is DSP Robotics Flowstone v3.0.7 and why you should try it

What is DSP Robotics Flowstone v3.0.7 and why you should try it

DSP Robotics Flowstone v3.0.7 is a graphical programming software that allows you to create your own standalone applications and audio plugins faster and easier than ever before. Whether you are a hobbyist, a musician, a developer, or an educator, Flowstone can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Flowstone uses a combination of graphical and text-based programming, so you can create almost anything you can imagine. You can use the built-in components to create user interfaces, audio processing, MIDI control, data manipulation, and more. You can also use Ruby scripting to add custom logic and functionality to your projects.

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One of the most powerful features of Flowstone is the ability to export your creations to standalone executables or VST plugins at the click of a button. This means you can share your work with others, or use it in your own music production or software development. You can also sell your products commercially if you wish.

Flowstone v3.0.7 is the latest version of the software, and it comes with many improvements and fixes. Some of the new features include:

  • New option to add separators in pop-up menus in Ruby

  • New save as 3.0.8 option to allow backward compatibility

  • Fixed various issues with edit boxes, stream inputs, oscillators, MIDI to voices, delay primitive, touch screen support, mousewheel support, and more