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The White Lotus Season 2 - Episode 5


The White Lotus Season 2 - Episode 5

The White Lotus season 2 has been ticking along with no smoking gun yet in terms of who dies at the end, but plenty of gorgeous drone shots of Siciliy and a banging new theme tune to make up for it. Up until now, some fans have even called the pace pains painstakingly slow, but no one could accuse episode 5 of such a crime, after viewers were plunged straight into a narrative vortex in the final five minutes. Chances are you have some questions and next week's episode is too long to wait for answers.

The immediate assumption is that Quentin and Jack are engaged in incest. The ultimate taboo and a subject explored in House of the Dragon recently, it's not totally out of the question given the themes of madness and sexual depravity in this season. Still, based on the previous White Lotus season and its many twists, and with two episodes to go still, chances are there is something more complex going on.

After first introducing Quentin (Tom Hollander), a wealthy gay, English expat traveling with a gaggle of friends, including his strikingly handsome "naughty nephew" (Leo Woodall), in the previous episode of The White Lotusseason 2, things took an unexpected turn in episode five. And it's clear that Quentin, Jack and the rest of their group are not exactly who they purport to be, as they continue to swoon over Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and her assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson).

Greg (Jon Gries): I don't know if all that conversation about Greg's poor health last season was a ruse, but what I do know is that Greg is up to something, and it involves Quentin. Tanya finds an old photo of a young Greg and Quentin in episode 6, all but proving a popular fan theory that Greg is Quentin's Wyoming cowboy. My guess is something goes awry with the plan to scam Tanya and, since we're pretty certain she survives (see below), it's Greg -- and maybe Quentin -- who doesn't make it home alive. Then again, The White Lotus loves a red herring -- and it seems to hate a comeuppance.

Dominic (Michael Imperioli): Dominic's sad, lonely walk on the beach in episode 5 seemed a potential swan song for the "feminist" lech. His character arc can go one of two ways -- he either turns his life around, or he doesn't. By this point, he seems to have made inroads on the former, releasing Lucia from his payroll and even turning from porn. And this may be where his character ends. We know that Dom's wife was voiced by the inimitable Laura Dern in episode 1. What we don't know is whether Laura Dern will make another appearance this season. According to IMDb, we should not expect further Dern-age, which suggests to me that this vacation may be Dominic's last.

Cameron (Theo James): Between the "Testa di Moro" motif, Daphne's affinity for dead-husband true crime shows, Ethan's "mimetic desire" theory and Cameron's debt to sex worker Lucia, Cameron is really starting to look like a goner. When Daphne comes running and screaming out of the ocean in the season's first scene, just after her brush with the drowned corpse, a tanned, shirtless man in squid-print swim trunks catches her on the beach. It's not clear whether she knows the man, nor do we see his face. It could've been Cameron, but then why wasn't he sipping an Aperol Spritz with her before she took a dip All I know is the squid-print trunks have yet to make a second appearance, though they do seem like Cameron's style. However, there's absolutely no way, given Daphne's reaction, that the dead body we see in episode 1 was Cameron's. There's also no way she'd be so chipper prior to discovering it, if her husband had already been found floating earlier.

No matter what happens in episode 5, I will be seated to watch! Continue keeping up with us at Hidden Remote as we cover each episode of The White Lotus season 2, which releases new episodes Sunday nights on HBO and HBO Max.

The sixth episode of "The White Lotus" Season 2 premieres on Sunday, December 6 at 9 p.m. EST, airing on HBO and streaming on HBO Max. With only two epis