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Chicken Schnitzel Recipe Gordon Ramsay

I do recommend adding spices, as mentioned in the post, but the recipe is given as per Gordon's recipe in the book cited. It's in the style of Kentucky Fried Chicken, hence American is the specific inspiration, but there is already a section in the post about fried chicken having been around for a long time in various parts of the world - perhaps you missed it.

chicken schnitzel recipe gordon ramsay

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Tsp = teaspoon, yes. This is exactly as the recipe appear in Gordon Ramsay's book. It's not a spicy chicken coating but it's certainly no tasteless in my experience. You can of course add more spice if you wish.

Pro chef and fiery TV personality Gordon Ramsay is perhaps best known for his Beef Wellington. But when we saw that his video for chicken Parmesan from his TV show The F Word has over nine million views on YouTube, it was clear that Ramsay had to be a contender in our chicken Parmesan celebrity recipe showdown.

I docked this recipe a few points due to the oversized, under-seasoned breasts and the complicated pounding procedure. The instruction to remove the tenderloin from the boneless breast is frankly unnecessary, and butterflying the chicken, rather than halving it, meant each serving of chicken was too large. Using a rolling pin to flatten the chicken between parchment was awkward and difficult, and the pieces of chicken were unevenly thick. Dealing with parchment paper that had been exposed to raw chicken, in addition to all the numerous bowls and pieces of equipment required, proved cumbersome.

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