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The Art Of Coaching High School Tennis 2nd Edition: 88 Tips, Tricks, Skills And Drills For A Magical

Bill Patton is a Master Tennis Professional, a contributor to, the number one sports education website in the world, and is currently coaching his 7th different high school with 30+ years of experience in the field. He has coached at several schools with many great results. Mainly, the players had a great time maximizing their games, and playing on the teams. He is now featured on, with three different tennis courses.

The Art Of Coaching High School Tennis 2nd Edition: 88 Tips, Tricks, Skills And Drills For A Magical

I was looking forward to a "how to" for coaching that might include drills, season planning, injury management, etc. What I found was a book full of useful information about working with school districts, athletic directors, players and parents to organize and run a successful tennis program at the high school level. Tons of great anecdotes and real life stories to back up the advice and knowledge of over 20 years of coaching experience. I was drawn further into the world of high school tennis than I ever anticipated including topics such as team unity, successful leadership, the role of team captains, goal setting, and player selection. A useful guide to existing coaches and a 'must-have" for prospective or new coaches!

This book fills a need in the literature offered on the topic of coaching tennis. Coaching is an art and this is not just skill and drill coaching technique and tactics. In reality the High School season is unique in the number of players, funding restraints and limited practice to develop players before competition. Bill Patton knows how quickly you need to build a team out of individuals and character is everything, you have to walk the walk to your team. There are logistical strategies to get the most out of your team and build a program. There are drills for groups to maximize practice and pre-game warmup. What ever level you are at, there are gems here that will change the way you look at coaching high school tennis.

This is a great book for the first time high school tennis coach or someone with years of experience. Bill Patton has been a high school coach for over 20 some years. He covers every item you will face as a High School coach, from dealing with the principal, choosing captains, how to get the most from your practices, it is all here. As a teaching professional I purchased this book to help me with the task of coaching a high school boy's tennis. I knew I needed help as it is a whole different animal. Great book, get the workbook with it so helpful. 076b4e4f54